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Dear ingress agents,

on NOV 12,the new Ingress xm anomaly VIA NOIR anomaly will start!!!

Thats why we give you an special opportunity,

From now until the beginning of Via noir anomaly, you get an exclusive discount to buy all ingress items on our ingress store with a special ingress xm anomaly -20%off  discount.

All you have to do is to make order for 150$ or above and use this discount code:


(20% off orders equal or above $150.00)

NOTE: This code can be used repeatedly until the expiration date, but can not 'be accumulated with other discounts.This code gives you discount ONLY if your order is equal or above 150$  

Agents, on November 12th, the new ingress anomaly via noir begin!

The best resistance agents and the best enlightened agents will battle. What are you waiting for? and the time to prepare an inventory on November 12 is very close via noir is coming !!!

Prepare your inventories for the last battle in this year!! Xm Anomaly will be soon but your inventory is empty? We can help you with that! You just need to make an order in our ingress shop and we will farm all ingress items for you and deliver it right to your location. We can help you to be ready for any situation happened during via noir anomaly. In our shop you can buy different ingress stuff for your inventory.We are offering ada refactor,jarvis virus,axa shield,xmp bursters,ingress ultra strike,lawson power cube,ingress capsules,ingress mufg capsules,ingress badge,ingress medal, all ingress items that you will need.After the great success achieved by ingress via lux anomaly pack, for this new xm anomaly we are preparing a dedicated package.

What are you waiting for? via noir is coming !!! ____________________________________________________________________

he Resistance Won Via Lux . Jahan Basks In The Blazing Light Of Victory.
But Bright Light Casts A Deep Shadow. And In The Darkness, Many Forces Have Been In Play: 

ADA Reawakens…

...But Can She Be Trusted?

If ADA Was Within Klue, Is Klue Not Within ADA? 

Elsewhere The Acolyte Plots Enlightened Vengeance... Kodama Investigates The Fate Of Susanna Moyer... Lynton-Wolfe’s Secret Research Speaks Of A Tecthulhu... And Agents Scour The Earth For Fragments Of Hank Johnson’s Lost Manuscript. 

This Is A Time Of Change: Via Lux, The Way Of Light, Has Ended And The Darkness Descends.Thus Begins: 




CITY Series
New Orleans, LA, USA Via Noir Xm anomaly Primary
Chicago, IL, USA Via Noir Xm anomaly Satellite
Miami, FL, USA Via Noir Xm anomaly Satellite
Rome, Italy Via Noir Xm anomaly Primary
Vilnius, Lithuania Via Noir Xm anomaly Satellite
Sofia, Bulgaria Via Noir Xm anomaly Satellite
Seoul, South Korea Via Noir Xm anomaly Primary
Surabaya, Indonesia Via Noir Xm anomaly Satellite
Melbourne, Australia Via Noir Xm anomaly Satellite

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