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Ingress Boost account pack


In your playing area, the adversary faction is rampant, and you with your low-level bursters tickle your opponents portal ...

Are you angry?
Would you like to reach level 8 but do not have time to play?

We can help! We will play for you and we will level your entry game account.

By purchasing our Ingress boost account pack, you will receive 100,000 AP points on your gaming account, if you need 300,000 AP Points to reach the desired level, then you will need to buy 3 ingress boost packs.

To help you calculate APs to reach the desired level, you can refer to this table:

Account AP Req.
Ingress Account Lvl.1 0
Ingress Account Lvl.2 2.500
Ingress Account Lvl.3 20.000
Ingress Account Lvl.4 70.000
Ingress Account Lvl.5 150.000
Ingress Account Lvl.6 300.000
Ingress Account Lvl.7 600.000
Ingress Account Lvl.8 1.200.000
Ingress Account Lvl.9 2.400.000
Ingress Account Lvl.10 4.000.000
Ingress Account Lvl.11 6.000.000
Ingress Account Lvl.12 8.400.000
Ingress Account Lvl.13 12.000.000
Ingress Account Lvl.14 17.000.000
Ingress Account Lvl.15 24.000.000
Ingress Account Lvl.16 40.000.000


How does it work?

Once you have made the payment you must let us know your ingress account details.
From that moment on, you will no longer need to access your account until we reach out to you!
If 2 devices connect at the same time hundreds of miles away the ingress account ban is guaranteed!
Our service is 100% secure if our guidelines are met.
In order to take advantage of this service you will need to let us know your credentials (unfortunately we can not do otherwise) We guarantee you privacy after the service is provided and your sensitive data will be deleted from our database.
We recommend that you change the password before sending us the ingress account data and modifying it again after receiving our communication of the passage.

Why buy our ingress boost account account pack?
Because it is safe !, because sitting comfortably at the bar in front of an icy beer, there will be those who will take care of your account :-), in addition to receiving the Ap purchases, you will make progress and get ingress items and ingress medals at a single expense!!!

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