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New Pack, New Price, Same Service! + 2000XMP Immediate Delivery 100% FREE available now


Hello friends,

These days, our ingress store is undergoing a phase of change, it will not be a radical change, but a full-featured update featuring packages, services, and special discounts.


On this page each day a new package will have a low price for 24 hours with discounts ranging from 10% to 50% and may be subject to further rebates if you use a discount code.

All discounted packages will be delivered promptly, and available until stocks last.

We strongly recommend that you visit this page often :-)


  • Price Update

    All the prices of our ingress shop will be lowered, the beautiful season and holidays allow us more free time and more farming opportunities.

    Obviously we will not be able to modify all the listings at once, we apologize in advance for any inconsistencies in price between two very similar listings.

    Soon everything will be settled.



      Yes, It's all true, 2000 xmp bursters free!

      From now on, every order made in our ingress store that has a value of at least $ 50 will allow you to also add our most popular product: zercocooldown 2000xmpL8 FREE

      How does it work?
      Buy what you want for at least $ 50, add 2000xmp to your cart, and use our code:

      FREEXMP on the checkout page of your shopping cart.

      If you have any doubts about how to enter the discount code visit our Help page


      Other news and new services will be announced in the coming days, for now we can only thank you for the great interest that has always been shown for our ingress shop

      That for a few days our shop: Ingressitemsbuy has become the best online ingress shop!

      Try searching with google: the best ingress shop, or the best ingress store  ;-)

      Thanks to you!

      See you soon

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