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After the latest update, if buying from your ingress store my account is safe?


After the latest update, if buying from your ingress store my account is safe?

Good morning friends,
We would like to do clarity (as possible) on the latest actions taken by Niantic, which they will put an end to the sale of game items from a third party resellers.
We think that we should put an end to some unauthorized sellers !, the same that infest the game chat of advertising within the game making it impossible to communicate with the other players.

Well, after this update there appears to have improved the situation?

We think not.

However we begin by saying that none of our customers has received ingress account ban,/ingress soft ban on their ingress game account for purchasing from our ingress store
Some of you will ever receive this email:

We have detected items in your inventory That were originally Obtained by means That violated our Terms of Service, such as GPS falsification or using unauthorized third-party tools. We are not incendio discuss Which items were detected or share any additional information about the account (s) That These items delivered to you. If you did not purchase directly These items, it is possible That they were passed to you by another player.
We are committed to Ensuring That Ingress remains fair for all players. There are no authorized third-party sellers of in-game items. Please do not make unauthorized purchases as These items could be removed from your inventory.

We can tell you that we have received this communication in the inbox of some of our unused accounts that had no embedded objects, draw your own conclusions.

Well, you ask, so it's business as usual?

Absolutely not,

Niantic has terminated thousands of ingress accounts that contained ingress objects of "higher level" to the same level account (irrespective of whether they were bought, collected with illegal systems or obtained simply by playing honestly and let in some low-level account that all of us, or almost use to deposit their surplus items)
And he punished in the same way those players on their device had stored more than one game account.

Always remember to remove any kind of ingress account from your device that is not your ingress game account.

We do not share, but we believe these decisions should be adjusted by raising the level of security.
Now available the new ingress safety pack, buying it will immediately receive instructions to continue to shop at our ingress store ingress without fear


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