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Ingress terminated account, Ingress banned account Why?


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Hello friends and happy 2017,

We received several reports from agents who have the problem: Ingress ban, ingress banned account, ingress terminated account,ban account ingress.

People who have always played by the rules but who now have your ingress account banned ... How is that possible?

I will explain us!

Unfortunately the controls from niantic aren't as thorough and colluders this have understood.

It is sufficient that more players (or the same player with multiple accounts) to report a player for unfair play and soon comes the punishment of niantic.

So if you have always played honestly and now your account has been banned you might be the victim of some bad player of the opposing faction that not knowing how to get rid of you decided to use the dirty game.

We are deeply opposed to this type of baseness, and invite you to play all fair and square.

Let us remember that Ingress is a beautiful game but the game must remain, use your scanner while respecting the community.

That being said ...

Unfortunately we cannot retrieve your account banned, but we can help you with a discount code to purchase a new ingress account in our ingress account page

By entering the discount code: INGRESSBAN

You can enjoy a discount -20%Off  to purchase a new account (at any level) available in our ingress store 


Thank you for your interest and we hope you enjoy your game!

Thank you

Ingressitemsbuy staff


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