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Buy Ingress Resonators

The ingress Resonator are the fundamental object of the ingress game, allow agents to capture the ingress portals and use them toform control fields.
Deployng a Ingress Resonators on a ingress uncaptutred portals captures it  and allign is to your faction, The Ingress Resonators Level  determines the portal level, and affects the amount of exotic matter it drops.

It allows Linking and Fielding, gains access points, and It causes the agent to receive notifications when the site is attacked.

A portal can  contain up to a maximum of eight resonators.
Resonators of higher level of the distribution have restrictions that limit the number of a single agent can enter.
Each agent may deployng:


1 ingress Resonators L8,

1 Ingress Resonators L7,

2 Ingress Resonators L6,

2 Ingress Resonators L5,

4 Ingress Resonators L4,

4 Ingress resonators L3

4 Ingress Resonators L2

8 Ingress Resonators L1


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