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H4LLOW33N Discount code


Hello friends,

Also this year to reward your interest in Us, for the last few days of October 2016 We offer a special Ingress passcodes discount valid until the day November 1, 2016

inserting the following code: H4LLOW33N

In any order from the $ 100 or greater value you will receive a discount -20% off

The discount can 'be used repeatedly until the expiration period and is valid on all ingress items in our assortment, you can buy: Ingress Ada refactor,Ingress jarvis virus;ingress Axa shield; Ingress lawson power cube: Xmp bursters…but also: ingress badges, Ingress medals.

Use our discount code is very easy.

Please visit our Ingress shop and enter in your cart all the ingress items you want, when you've finished selecting you can access the checkout screen at this time to take advantage of our discount code where you have to enter the ingress passcodes discount: H4LLOW33N

as shown in the following graphic:


We remind you that for more information on how to use our suite is available our help page.


Good Halloween to all the staff!!!




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