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Ingress VIA LUX Anomaly Pack


Hello friends,
To celebrate the event ingress via lux anomaly start on Aug 27 2016

We have created a new package that will be available soon (only for a limited period).
Ingress via lux anomaly pack
This package will include the best ingress items as many of you have suggested.

Gaining ingress anomaly via lux pack in our ingress shop will have the opportunity to participate at the beta testing phase of our new service that will soon be available in our ingress store.
Ingress Guradian Check
By sending your gaming name (or that of a friend or foe ... ;-)) we will tell you the status of your top 5 portals (the relative number of days elapsed since the time of the conquest)

After purchasing Ingress Via Lux anomaly pack, for those who want to participate (is optional), simply send a request with the game name to test to our email:

(The service is free and being tested is working very well, but for now we do not reach the total territorial coverage and some players may not be available) is a test :-)

Thanks for the attention
ingressitemsbuy staff



Aug 27, 2016 - VIA LUX anomaly part 1

Primary: Wroclaw, Poland
Satellite: Birmingham, UK
Satellite: Turku, Finland

Primary: Denver, CO, USA
Satellite: Portland, ME 
Satellite: San Jose, Costa Rica

Sep 24, 2016  - VIA LUX anomaly part 2

Primary: Singapore, Singapore
Satellite: Mumbai, India
Satellite: Setouchi, Japan
Satellite: Macau, China

Primary: Cologne, Germany
Satellite: Granada, Spain
Satellite: Budapest, Hungary

Primary: Toronto, Canada
Satellite: St. Louis, MO
Satellite: Santiago, Chile

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