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Ingress Power Cubes L6|,ingress Power Cube L6

Ingress Power Cube L6

  • $ 10.00


DESCRIPTION: The Power Cube provides additional XM storage beyond the built in capacity of the Scanner The Power Cube can be tapped at any time to divert XM to the Scanner. Level 1-8 Power Cubes have been observed

HISTORY: Created by Dr.Oliver Lynton-Wolfe during the initial research phase at CERN. The Ingress Power cube was allegedly being tested by Lynton-Wolfe at the XM anomaly known as "Epiphany Night" when workers at the Niantic CERN facility were exposed to very high of XM. not known designs for the Power Cube with him when he joined IQ Tech or if future Power cube designs will incorporate additional functionality. Power Cubes have distributed by drink maker Hint Water.


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