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Ingress Anomaly Medal 10 Aegis Nova (ingress badge)

  • $ 250.00

Ingress anomaly medals are awarded for participating in Niantic-sponsored anomaly events. Anomaly medals started with the Recursion anomaly series and have been awarded for every anomaly since.

Ingress Anomaly medals : Aegis Nova


The sale price only refers to ingress medals (only digital content),
By purchasing one ingress medals you will receive the unused ingress passcode code to redeem your ingress badges (virtual) that will be transferred to your ingress account.
Warning This step is irreversible, once redeemed the unused ingress passcode can not 'more' to be reused.
Therefore it is NOT possible to start returning the product
We ingressitemsbuy not send any ingress card.
Thank you

If you have any doubts about getting your ingress medals (ingress badges) please visit our support page : HOW IT WORKS


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