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Ingress Characters Medals : Oliver Lynton-Wolfe (ingress badge)

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Ingress Medals, (Ingress badge)

Ingress character medal : Oliver Lynton-Wolfe

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe

XM Researcher & Engineer



Dr. Lynton-Wolfe was a kay member of the Niantic Project team and developed much of the XM technology currently being used today including Resonators, XMPs and Power Cubes. Following the shuttering ofthe Niantic Project, he eagerly moved to the private sector to capltalze on his knowledge. During operation "Cassandra, his planto undermine Jarvis and become the newleader of the Enlightened backfired. He subsequently aligr himself with the Hulong Corporation andused Dark XMto attack Jarvis directly. That attack fragmented Jarvisinto 13 Shards which were reunlted to resurrect Jarvis duringOperation "13MAGNUS." 


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