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Hello friends,
We would like to present our thoughts regarding the new Niantic game (now not so new, having been released by several months) we are talking about pokemon go.
Several friends have asked you to integrate in our ingress shop products or services related to pokemon go: pokemon go account, rare pokemon, pokemon go farming, pokemon go boosting account.
The answer to all these demands is: we are not a pokemon go shop, and never will be.
Leaving aside our critical judgment of pokemon go, we are a community of ingress gamers we offer only one type of service aimed at those players who like us sometimes do not have the time to devote to farming.
Producing ingress items especially ingress rare items or ingress very rare items is energetically expensive and if we consider the fuel costs for the various trips we would say also expensive.
By purchasing our ingress items you will avoid all this and you can spend all the time available exclusively to the ingress game: catching ingress portal, ingress link, ingress field ... and anything else.
We apologize if anyone would be disappointed by these words, but we love ingress game, and pokemon go is anything but!
Thanks for the attention

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