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If you came here is because you're probably going to buy account ingress, before a buy ingress account I have a question to ask you already know which ingress faction want to belong?

According to the story of the game, the Earth is full of particles called exotic matter (Exotic Matter or XM), the origin of which is not certain, but it seems related to alien entities called "Shaper" (literally "shapers"). From these premises are born the two ingress faction: Ingress Enlightened and Ingress Resistance. The Ingress Enlightened believe that the Shapers bring people to a new stage through the control of the masses. The members of the Ingress Resistance, however, defend the planet from the flu and the invasion of the Shaper and for the freedom of mankind.

In the game, both sides need Exotic Matter to gain control of the mental units

Have you decided where to stay?



Faction attempting to help the Shapers infiltrate Earth. Those who sided with the Illuminati believe that the Shapers bring a new "Enlightenment" that will elevate the human race. 


Faction defending the Earth from the Shaper. Its members are seen as fearful of change and progress, but the Resistance is firm in its intention to protect humanity fighting against the system.