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Ingress Ultrastrike L7

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DESCRIPTION: The Ingress Ultrastrike is an XM weapon developed by IQTech it can only be hacked using a new series of scanner devices offered by a US-based technology corporation. A modified Exotic Matter Pulse weapon, the Ultrastrike delivers a tightly focused XM shockwave radiating outwards from a central flashpoint. The shockwave is roughly twice as potent as a normal INGRESS XMP BURSTER at the cost of a reduced blast radius. It is most effective as a point attack weapon.

HISTORY: The INGRESS ULTRASTRIKE is the first new offensive XM object to come out of Dr. Oliver Lynton Wolfe's XM engineering progra at lQTech, following the shutdown of the Niantic Project facility in Geneva Those closest to Lynton-Wolfe report that his periods of lucidity have grown few and far between. Some claim outright that he has been "Shaped and cannot be trusted.



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