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Ingress Boost and Fill 24/48

  • $ 59.00


Want to buy ingress xmp bursters or buy ingress power cubes or buy ingress resonators? Or buy ingress items?

By purchasing the new ingress fill account pack you will receive all this and much more.

By purchasing our new package we will fully fill your inventory by playing for you in our gaming zone.

You can decide whether to keep your portal keys or give us the job of eliminating them all to get more space for the ingress items.

All ingress items you receive will be selected, you will receive only the maximum level of entry for ingress weapons (if you have an ingress account Level 8) otherwise you will receive weapons of the level corresponding to your ingress game account.Mod that we will find will be selected, we will remove the common mods and keep from rare levels onwards .

You could receive ingress capsules, ingress mufg capsules, or ingress viruses, we do not guarantee a minimum quantity of very rare items but we assure you will receive it


Now you're thinking ... if I buy the items I need to save or spend the same amount ...


Buy this package is good because:

  • If you deliver us completely empty accounts we will fill it with 2000 ingress quality items at no extra cost
  • If you purchase the items you need, you have to worry about transferring them to your ingress account. By purchasing our package, the objects will already be found on your ingress game account without additional action.
  • If you purchase the items you need, you receive the items and just buy our package will ensure you complete inventory and you have made great progress on all the Ingress medals : Trekker,Explorer,Hacker,Translator,Pioneer,In addition to the items you are buying an account boost!

Now you're thinking ... Ok, very interesting but I'm afraid it's a unsafe method for my gaming account.

Absolutely wrong!

If Niantic controls an account and acknowledges that 10000 xmp bursters have been obtained but all have been transferred.

Niantic performs in-depth control

If Niantic controls an account and recognizes that 10000 Xmp bursters have been used, but the same account has only got 1000 through hacks and the others have received some transfer. Niantic performs in-depth control

By purchasing our package you will NOT have any problem, it's a 100% safe method !!!

Objects are obtained regularly with your ingress game account !!!


How does it work?

Once you have made the payment you must let us know your ingress account details.
From that moment on, you will no longer need to access your account until we reach out to you!
If 2 devices connect at the same time hundreds of miles away the ingress account ban is guaranteed!
Our service is 100% secure if our guidelines are met.
In order to take advantage of this service you will need to let us know your credentials (unfortunately we can not do otherwise) We guarantee you privacy after the service is provided and your sensitive data will be deleted from our database.
We recommend that you change the password before sending us the ingress account data and modifying it again after receiving our communication of the passage.

With regard to service life, we expect no more than 24/48 hours ( after 10 hours of your last use)
We will do our best to retrieve the ASAP account

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