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Ingress Capsule

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A Ingress Capsule is a container that holds other items. They can be used to organize items and operate on them in bulk. Any item, except for a Capsule, can be placed within a Capsule
Capsule is a special container that can contain many inventory objects and can be grounded to allow objects to be transferred between agents. Capsules can be loaded and discharged several times without damaging the container.
• When a Capsule is in your inventory, the number of objects it contains is counted based on the maximum inventory capacity supported by your Scanner. You can not pick up a Capsule if its contents exceed this limit. In addition, the Capsule itself applies as an inventory object.
• If you deposit on the ground, the Capsule will disappear shortly afterwards. To be sure it is received, agree with the recipient the correct position and time to deposit the Capsule.
• When an inventory object is inside a Capsule, it is considered archived and can not be used. For example, XMPs in a Capsule can not be exploded and Key can not be used to reload or link Portals.
• If you recycle a Capsule, you will receive XM for it and for all the content contained.
• Capsules are reusable. You can load and download them as often as you like, as long as they do not recycle.
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