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Ingress prime Store (ingress prime shop) to buy ingress items ingress items for sale



Hello guys,
Welcome to our ingress prime  store- ingress prime shop
We introduce ourselves,
We are a community of ingress agents and offer a collection service of buy ingress items with direct delivery to your home.
The cost of the ingress items for sale refers only to a refund of time and fuel spent to obtain the ingress items for sale.
Our service is for all of you fans of Ingress game that due to time constraints can not spend hours to perform ingress portals hacks on various ingress portals to collect precious buy ingress items from the conquest of your area, providing valuable assistance to your ingress faction mates.
Rest assured, now who are we!
We shall we everything you need at your place!
So you optimize your time and you will have no choice but to wear comfortable shoes, charge your device and you can spend all your free time to the conquest of the ingress portals!
In our ingress prime store-ingress prime shop You will find: Ingress Xmp burster| Ingress Axa shield| Ingress Ultra strike|Ingress Lawson Power cubes|Ingress resonators|Ingress Jarvis Virus|Ingress Ada Refactor|Ingress Link Amp Very rare|Ingress mods|Ingress portal shield|Xmp burster|…many |Ingress items| all |Ingress items for sale|.

If you have problems of time and you want to receive the items purchased before the 24 hours required for delivery, our ingress prime shop-ingress prime store have the product for you!

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In this section you will find the best ingress items that will be delivered immediately after your purchase!

In our ingress prime shop-Ingress prime store you will find all ingress items for sale,but not only...if you are sorry that we could not participate all'ingress anomaly piu'vicina to your city and do not know how to get the: Buy ingress badges (ingress medals) corresponding,

Visit our dedicated section :

Buy Ingress badges (Ingress medals)

Here you will find ingress anomaly badges (ingress anomaly medals), ingress character badges (ingress character medals) and much more ...

Our service is completely legal and 100% secure, No Risk of ban!
We Ingressitemsbuy never ask any personal data of the game and all payment transactions are protected by paypal.

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If you have problem to use our service or discount code pls refer to our FAQ page,

Important note


This website is not 'an official site of |ngress game, but a ingress shop created by a community of gamers.
The Ingress items are considered "free" the game is GPS based and the price reward the FUEL and TIME spent.