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ingressitemsbuy is different from others


Hello gentle friend
It's time to stand out from the mass of ingress cheater that is infesting our beloved ingress game.
Because of some shameful element in order to make gains it is hurting the game itself.
The ingress game chat is now unusable, by various ingress bot rain advertising messages at any time of day, we will offer ingress gaming services as: Ingress portal key farming (which is carried out using ingress fake GPS); Ingress guardian install ; Ingress guardian destroy (service always made through the use of ingress fake gps ) Ingress account boost (using ingress fake gps, Ingress spoof location and ingress bots) traslator badge boosting (here using ingress glyph hack; ingress fake gps; ingress bot) and we could go with many other ingress services practiced by the use of prohibited applications for which it is predicted the permanent BAN  of your Ingress game account.
We want to distance themselves from these sites!
We do NOT offer services that disrupt the smooth running of the Ingress game with the use of prohibited applications!
As described in the introductory page we are a group of ingress gamer and offer a unique and exclusive service that can only do good to the communities and to the game itself.
We farm for you
We received many thanks to players like us getting phrases: (thanks to you I can play ingress game and I a lot more time to devote to my family); (I had stopped playing, because unfortunately I did not have time to get the Ingress items); (step 10 hours a day in the office and I never have time to procure the Ingress items, since there is you can only think about playing a few hours after work)
We love ingressitemsbuy ingress
And we want it to be clear!