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Ingress Characters Medals : NL-1331e (ingress badge)

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Ingress Medals, (Ingress badge)



During the initial US-based program, the NIA discovered that NL-1331 was causing minor XM disturbances drawing in Agents of all Factions to experience the heightened XM environment around it together. NIA research teams began to study this and work on the next generation of the program: NL-1331e (Enhanced). Upgraded across the board, NL-1331e represents the cutting edge of mobile XM technology: Powerful Portal scanning tools and an ability to energize XM in the surrounding field, magnifying its effects on all Agents near the vehicle. NL-1331e is currently deployed in Europe Its mission is to ... ... ... ... ... ...


The sale price only refers to ingress medals (only digital content),
By purchasing one ingress medals you will receive the unused ingress passcode code to redeem your ingress badges (virtual) that will be transferred to your ingress account.
Warning This step is irreversible, once redeemed the unused ingress passcode can not 'more' to be reused.
Therefore it is NOT possible to start returning the product
We ingressitemsbuy not send any ingress card.
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